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Why I serve

I serve on Metro Council because I want to refocus our priorities and put community first

I believe  that as we grow, we are lifted up when we support what we value:

our people, our diversity and the independent small businesses that make our city great.   

I want to be your voice in making sure that as Nashville moves forward, we make decisions that support and

benefit the entire community, so we remain the unique, dynamic place we all call home. 


We're at a tipping point right now.  Let's make sure we tip in the right direction.


It's time we step back and make sure we don't lose the very things we love about this district and city.

  We need a mix of young and old, old and new, new and different. 

That’s what makes a community great.  That’s what makes us thrive.


Let's take care of the community outside the boundaries of downtown.


The fabric of the city is in danger of unraveling.   We need to take intentional, proactive steps that focus on the real lives of the people who live here to make sure everything that we value - our people, diversity, and the quirky, unique small businesses and things that make this district our home - won't disappear.   Because once they're gone, they won’t be back.


Let's work together to preserve the heart and soul of Nashville: people and community.


We're facing incredible challenges.   We need to increase community involvement not only in the 16th district but across the city to find creative solutions to these challenges so that the Nashville and District we love are preserved.   It starts with spreading the city's resources equitably so that people can continue to live and work here.   And neighborhoods like those in the 16th get the things they've been promised and deserve.   It takes leadership and energy and passion to make it happen.

I have it, and I want to lead that charge.