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Meet Ginny

A voice for community.

I've lived in the 16th district for over 30 years with my singer-songwriter husband, Mike Muldoon.  Our two children

were raised here, and between them went to school at Napier, Glengarry, Head, MLK, Meigs, Rose Park and Hume Fogg. Both continue to be big fans of the 16th.   Michelle is a sign language interpreter in Nashville who also does stand up comedy, and Matthew is newly graduated from UT Knoxville with a dual degree.   

I have two passions.   The first, and biggest, has always been serving the community.   ​I’ve spent the bulk of my life working

in the non-profit sector, doing things that benefitted the many, including building the city’s first community radio station, 

107.1 and 103.7 Radio Free Nashville, from the ground up, foundation to tower - with the help of 150 volunteers.  I’ve served on many boards and I’ve been an active volunteer,  anywhere my hands, skills and energy were needed.  


Radio is the second.  ​I started my on-air radio career here as a request show host at Lite-FM, which later became FM-100 (Radio Lightning).  I  became morning show co-host and news director there, and later worked in similar capacities at WZEZ,

Mix 92.9 and Oldies 93.7, under the name Katharine Dunn.  (It took me a long time to get used to being called Katharine.)

I married my passions when I co-founded Radio Free Nashville, where I am executive director.  Building the station was not easy.  From learning how to set up a non-profit to navigating FCC rules and regulations to get a license to drawing blueprints, pouring the foundation, and ultimately pulling up a tower by hand, it was a struggle.  Seemingly insurmountable problems would come out of nowhere.  But I believe there is always a solution, and we made it through.   We signed on in 2005, and have had over 275 community programmers on the air since.  It's the most satisfying work I've ever done.


I've been a vocal advocate for community radio, which serves to build humanity through one-on-one connection, even as technology increasingly isolates us from each other.   I was honored to be invited by the FCC to testify on behalf of community radio during a hearing on media consolidation.  Over the years, the Radio Free Nashville crew has helped other community radio stations build their stations and get on the air, here in Nashville and across the country.

In addition to my work at Radio Free Nashville and as a community volunteer, I also do voice overs, and in my spare time, I am an executive assistant at Space Inch, a mobile game and app development company.  

I graduated from Tennessee State University with a BS in Mass Communications, after doing course work at the

University of Missouri, SUNY-Stony Brook, and Columbia University.


Community Shares Tennessee

Exchange Club Family Center

Tennessee Health Care Campaign

Nashville Peace and Justice Center (chair)

Americans United (chair)



Walk Bike Nashville

Remote Area Medical Clinic

Rape and Sexual Abuse Center

Hands On Nashville

Red Cross

St. Luke’s Community House

VISTA--Cohn Adult Learning Center​